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He’s a recluse, far away from the agitation of modern life...

Siva Jothi Mona Siddhar


            His simplicity have brought many around him. Even foreign devotees find in him the loving presence that was missing in their life. He’s a recluse, far away from the agitation of modern life, not looking for publicity of any kinds, his mission is to give to all the possibility to be in his proximity. His touch, words and look have healed many, and the promise of his blessings in one’s life have brought strength and hope to those who came in his contact. Miracles have occurred, the mark of a pure realized soul. He receive in his remote Ashram of Sethavarai near Vettavalam, many devotees, man, woman, and children, curing them from their mental, physical or spiritual illnesses, and give then in return his assurance of Love and Care. He gives food every day at no cost three times a day. And provide to those in need a shelter or a cure of their ailment. His simplicity, His love for all religions and messengers, define him as a pure Siddha Purusha.

           Siva Jothi Mona Siddhar is a siddha Purusha, a being endowed with special powers, who could foresee the future, cure diseases, bring children to a childless mother, and bestowed blessings for the better. He does not eat solid food for 5 years, and sustain himself only on tea that he drinks several
times a day.
           Married at a young age, Guruji, had a normal life, a business and a family. But as nothing could work out for him, he decided to give a term to his life by jumping off a cliff. This was a call from a Sadhu who stopped him. The Sadhu invited him in the nearby temple to eat and sleep. In a middle of the night, the Sadhu disappeared. That was the start of Siva Jothi spiritual journey. He practiced intense penance, faces many difficulties, and starving most of the time. One day starving to death, unable to move, Devas came to him, literally change his body which endowed him with special powers. "I am all. I am Sai, I am Jesus, I am Shiva"

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