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"Restrictions, rules, and self controls are the royal road leading to the goal of self-realisation. They are not just to bind you, to limit or control you. Do not fret against the rules and regulations that the Organisation imposes on you; they are laid down for your own good. Regulation is the very essence of creation. The oceans observe their limits and bounds. The human body has to maintain its warmth at 37 degree Celsius in order to be healthy, and the heart has to beat at a definite number of times a minute."

- Sathya Sai Baba

Greenland is a unique hermitage dedicated to the realms of spirituality and personal development. It provides for those who look for a meaningful living, inspired by the divine masters from all religion or creed, a space for introspection and self-inquiry far from the worldly disturbance of life. To protect and maintain the spiritual atmosphere of the ashram, certain guidelines has been laid down to help the spiritual seekers in their sadhana for the realization of their inner divinity.

Dress Code

Dress in a simple and clean manner, avoiding extravagance.

Men and women should wear proper clothing covering their shoulders, midriff and legs up to their ankle. It is forbidden to wear short or revealing dress. The women are invited to cover their front with a shawl. Nudity is not allowed.

For men kurtas and pyjamas is a good choice as for women saris or salvar qamis.


Guest behavior and dress should be respectful of the Indian culture and tradition and protect the sanctity of the Ashram.

Intoxicants & Prohibited Items

Kindly avoid bringing the following.

Smoking, alcohol, drugs, meat, fish, eggs, are strictly prohibited in the Ashram.


Personal Pets are not allowed.

Male/Female Relations

Ladies and Gents are separated...

We do not encourage mix relation between man and woman. However family or couple can share the same cottage.


Ladies and Gents are separated: in accommodations (not allowed to visit one another room), in the Easwaramma Hall (Meditation Hall ) during practices, yoga, satsang, meditation etc... and as well as in the Annapoorna Hall during meals.


The Indian tradition do not approve physical contact between male and female or outward expression of affection, so please restrain from touching, hugging or kissing in public.


Dancing is also not permitted in the Easwaramma Hall (Meditation Hall).

Giving back to humanity.

Seva (Selfless Service)

Karma yoga is an integral part of the daily routine of the ashram so feel free to offer your time for Seva.


"The Voice of God Can Be Heard Only in the Depth of Silence. Silence Is the Speech of the Spiritual Seeker. You Can Experience Divine Bliss Only in Absolute Silence."

- Sathya Sai Baba

Maintain Silence during your stay at Greenland.


Keep a lookout for your belongings.

We cannot accept responsibility for guest's personal belongings. A safe keeping facility is available at reception.


Prepare for your arrival and departure.

All guests and visitors are required to register at reception upon arrival. Check-out time is at 2pm. Upon check out, please return keys and bedding to the reception and settle any outstanding bills.


Original documents are needed for verification.

Guests must bring their original passport with a valid visa for India to cover the duration of their stay In Greenland.


The right to reassign or vacate.

Greenland reserves the right to allot or deny accommodation to any visitor or visitors and to ask any occupant of any cottages or room to vacate without assigning any reason whatsoever.


Have an early night.

Lights off are at 9.30 PM. Avoid coming out after this time.


Maintain cleanliness and good hygiene.

Keep the room as clean as you find them. If you need the room to be cleaned, please contact the office.


Live the eco-friendly experience.

All the accommodation are based on sustainable and organic living. The walls are in mud and 90% of the power source come from solar energy. Please restrain from scratching the wall or using tape. Save Electricity and water.


Be considerate, respect and embrace serenity.

Do not use radio or loud music system, as it will disturb others. Concentrate and remember the reason of coming at the lotus feet of Arunachala Shiva.

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