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Traditional Eco-friendly Guest Houses.

Nature's way

          Greenland Ashram is a Retreat Center where the range of accommodation are a beautiful yet traditional Eco-friendly Guest Houses. Built with mud and stones. The rooms are naturally cooled by the mud walls and the filler slab roofing. 

          A large cottage with two independent rooms of 500sqft - Prem Kutheer, a big cottage of 900 sqft with two rooms - Sathya and Shanti Kutheer, a single cottage of 490 sqft- Dharma Kutheer are available for those who need privacy and comfort.

          Adjoined to that, there is two round buildings - the Sadhakas dwellings, Ram & Sita Kutheer with four spacious rooms for one or two persons. One for the Gents the other for the Ladies.

          The rooms are spacious, with natural ventilation, windows on the four side. With lot of lights, it is naturally cooled by the mud built wall which regulate naturally the room temperature.

For Those who wish to stay in Greenland Ashram, as a Retreat center, we do ask our guest to stay for a minimum of two days. We do not provide accommodation for a day. 

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